Tachojustierung, Tachoeinstellung, Tachokorrektur am Tacho und Geräteverkauf für Tachojustage

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Tachoadjusting-tool DigiProg3 plus and accessory

  Sales DigiProg3 plus  

With our latest hard- and software we offer the possibility of a service on location. The programming of the tool is very easy and save, so even beginners can do an adjustment with the DigiProg3 plus.

Highly qualified engineers are always looking for the new development of the DigiProg3 plus. That is way DigiProg 1+2 control the global market since 1986. Because of the new development it is possible to adjust the most vehicles eighter through the diagnostic connector or directly on the tachometer.

With the DigiProg3 plus you possess the global most innovativ tachometer adjusting tool. The digital menu guide of the DigiProg3 plus and the perfect instruction for use makes it easy to handle.

With the purchase of a DigiProg3 plus we offer a substantial briefing through our ualified employees.he personal contact to our customers is a matter of course for us.

  DigiProg3 plus and tools     Prices  
DigiProg3 plus New Full Version!!!

Full version DigiProg3 plus

9.500 Euro + MwSt.
Klick = Grosses Bild
CASE 1 (without DigiProg3 plus) The complete tool set
to demount the tachometers
of all vehicles plus
all electrical equipment

3.000 Euro zzgl. MwSt
Klick = Grosses Bild
CASE 2 (with cable)
Klick = Grosses Bild
Klick = Grosses Bild
Klick = Grosses Bild
Klick = Grosses Bild
Klick = Grosses Bild
Klick = Grosses Bild
Klick = Grosses Bild

  Important advice for the DigiProg3 plus  

The DigiProg3 plus possess a high class safty program, so all dates can be saved and reloaded before you start the new coding. That means, data records will be read, compared and saved. Through this an adjustment takes no risk - even for amateurs.


Here you can purchase a large range of tools. It is certainly easier to adjust a tachometer with the right tools. This argues for our years of experience in the range of tachometer adjusting and automotive engineering.

The company GMT Tuning exists in vehicle electronics, tachometer adjustment and chiptuning since 1986 in Neuss and Düsseldorf.

HOTLINE: +49 - 173 9450 999


You also have the possibility to use our transmission. Find more details under button.  "TRANSMISSION"


GMT Tuning
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The Netherlands
Phone: +49 - 173 9450 999