Tachojustierung, Tachoeinstellung, Tachokorrektur am Tacho und Geräteverkauf für Tachojustage

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  Professional tachometer-adjustment  

Our decades of experience garantee a qualified and professional tacho-adjustment of tachometers.

We work with the latest soft- and hardware. That is the reason why we are able to repair damaged tachometers and correct tachometers which adjusted erroneous.We garantee a professional and qualified adjustment.


  Risks of adjustment  

Eine unsachgemäße Tachojustierung kann zu Fehlern in der Fahrzeugelektronik führen.

A faulty adjustment tends to errors in the vehicles electronic.

With some vehicles an accurate adjustment at your option is not possible. A tolerance of 20km must be taken into account.

With models where a dismounting of the tachometer is necessary, the firing must be switched off.

In case of contravention we do not assume liability for resulting damages.

When a tachometer is damaged after the adjustment, we bear the expenses of the repairing or the new acquisition.

Damages have to be advised at least 24 hours after the adjustment in written form.


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