Tachojustierung, Tachoeinstellung, Tachokorrektur am Tacho und Geräteverkauf für Tachojustage

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  Transmission of tachometers / tachometer instruments  

The company GMT Tuning offers the Tachometeradjusting by mail order That means, you send your extended speed indicator by mail or parcel service (DPD, UPS,GP, .) to the address below mentioned. After the adjusting at your option we send it back to you immediatly, at least the following day.

In case of problems with the dismounting just give us a call. Use our Hotline.

Hotline: +49 - 173 9450 999


  Transmission assumption  

The following points should be considered before transmission:

    1. Before dismounting notice the old mileage as read from odometer.

    2. Assign the desired mileage.

    3. Assign the manufacturer, model, month and year of construction of
        the vehicle. (for example: Mercedes, E, 08.10.2004)

    4. Assign legible your address and phonenumber (block letters or PC

The dates above are mandatory for a professional adjustment.

Before we adjust the speed indicator, we check the functionality of the tachometer. In case of damaging of the tachometer (instruments) we will send it back to sender not prepaid.


  Our mailing address  

GMT Tuning
Groethofstraat 25
5916 PA Venlo
The Netherlands


  You can always reach us at  

+49 - 173 9450 999

E-Mail: hd (at) tachoexperte.com
Homepage: www.tachoexperten.com


  Handling of payments  

    1. Cash- just enclose the amount into the package together with thespeed indicator

    2. Check-just enclose the check into the package together with the speed indicator.

    3. Cash on delivery- (only within Germany)

    4. Bank transfer- transfer the amount, stating the name and vehicle to the following
       type bank account.


GMT Tuning
Groethofstraat 25
5916PA Venlo
The Netherlands
Phone: +49 - 173 9450 999