Tachojustierung, Tachoeinstellung, Tachokorrektur am Tacho und Geräteverkauf für Tachojustage

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In case we make an adjustment at your tachometer, we garantee that we do not save any personal dates or other informations which comes to the conclusion of an adjustment. You only get cash sale invoices. For adjustments which are made by transmission we garantee that all package certificates and transmission forms will be distructed right after the reconsignment of the tachometer.

  Why should you decide in favour of us?  

We proudly look back on 16 years of experience in service at the vehicle electronics section and assure you that your car is in good hands. We program digital and analog tachometers/ control units/accessory moduls, repairs at the tachometer and elapsed hour meter, interval adjustment, TV-clearing and chiptuning. Because of our legitimate and competent service we built up a big and satisfied customer base all over the world. For us confidentiality is essential. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction.

  Characteristic of faulty adjustment!  

We garantee, we work only with the latest soft- and hardware. That is the only way to assure that an adjustment can not be reconstructed. Unfortunatly there are adjusters who work with old soft- and hardware and make faulty and amateurish adjustments. They cause damages like for example:

  - error message in the combination instrument, for example airbag lamp

  - different displays don´t work exactly anymore, for example rev ,
    meter speed indicator, fuel gage, temperature indicator, damage
    of the LCD-display

  - Improper solderings which are so remarkable that they are to be
    recognized even by laymen.

  Are we enable to correct faulty adjustments?  

As a matter of course we are enable. We possess the necessary techniques and features to repair your damaged or faulty adjusted tachometer.

For a professional adjustment some details are important for different vehicles: for example other disk space (EWS, LKM, BSI, BCU), Service, interval indicator, elaped hour meter, key for BMW, ignition lock and gateway for Mercedes.

  Can an adjustment be ascertained?  

No. The changing of the mileage can not be ascertained afterwards, because all accumulators will be transcribed and other adjustments (interval indicator) will be adapted.

We are the right contact for a professional adjustment. We inform you global.


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